Video Marketing Publisher

Easy Web Video

  • Edit your video's size and quality
  • Choose from different player styles and colors
  • Add social media buttons and redirects
  • Embed logos and watermarks
  • Add clickable captions and images
  • Add functioning email forms in your video!

The really exciting parts are:
1. VMP uses Amazon S3 like the “gurus” do
2. VMP allows your videos to be completely interactive, you can even stop a video from playing until someone opts-in or shares your video.

Video Marketing Publisher

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Kudani – all-in-one desktop content marketing software.

Kudani Features and Benefits

  • Drag & drop content for content curation
  • Keywords research for exploring niches
  • RSS reader and browser plugin for fetching articles
  • Guest posting and clog commenting for backlink opportunities
  • Infographics creator for viral content
  • Track posts and competitors for social engagement
  • Contact manager for organizing contact details

Kudani Versions

Kudani v.1.14

  • We've updated the editor which is faster and more aligned with the overall look and feel.
  • We've added a spell checker.
  • A new image editor so that you can edit images found in pixabay (and others) and make them look less that a stock image and more ‘your own'.
  • Featured images is now fully supported when you post to your blog.

Kudani runs on the Adobe Air platform therefore is compatible with both Mac and PC.

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